Listen ~ Your Answers Are Waiting

Listen - Your Answers are Waiting

You are always connected to Spirit though you may choose to pretend otherwise.  Sometimes we prefer to play small and ignorant to the divine information we're receiving to avoid taking action.  Have you ever done that?  If we don't pay attention to our guidance thru one channel, Spirit will keep trying thru others.  Hopefully, we listen when that guidance is a whisper rather than a shout.

If you're looking for answers, one of the best things you can do is detach from the outcome.  Notice I didn't say easiest...I said best.  If you can put yourself in an objective state when asking you are more likely to allow the answers to unfold.  Imagine yourself asking for a friend or acquaintance rather than yourself.  If you are still having a challenge, you might ask yourself what are you afraid of or what are you avoiding?  Remember...this is not the time for self judgment.  This is all valuable information for you.

Listen...listen as if you were talking with your closest friend.  Once again, set your self aside and be willing to receive.  Be open your answers coming in expected as well as unexpected ways.  They may be heard as a voice in your head, they may be felt as emotions in your heart or feelings in other areas of your body, they may come thru overheard conversations at the coffee shop, movies, song lyrics, dreams or gifts from nature such as feathers, shells, cloud shapes, etc.  Be open to receive in unlimited ways.  Whatever "knowingness" you receive, be willing to acknowledge and dare to be truthful with yourself.

Dare to trust.  We have all been given the gift of intuition.  For most, it is simply a matter of paying attention and honoring our own ways of receiving without comparing ourselves to others.


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