Getting Out of Our Own Way



Why do we do what we do?

What is that intangible quality that keeps us reaching to be our best in spite of insecurities, niggling fears or haunting anxieties that have us questioning everything?

There has to be a connection and commitment to something bigger and bolder than our little selves.  Bigger than that voice in our head that says:

"You're never going to be good enough."

"Who cares what you have to say?"

"You'll never make it."

"You're going to make an epic fool of yourself."

"Aren't there enough (fill in the blank) in the world already?"

"You'll never make a living doing that."

"Maybe you should just keep it a hobby and get a real job."

As a psychic medium, I see this first hand with the people I share with as well as my colleagues.  This is not an easy profession.  On a daily basis, we are invited to surrender to Spirit, open and trust that the exact message, information and healing will come thru clearly.  Trust that all of our heart felt studies, reading, classes and sharing will pay off and we will be our best possible selves and rise to meet the opportunities that Spirit brings our way.  

The truth of it is...we often fear that we will fail you.  Fear that we won't be able to make the connection to your dear loved one in Spirit, convey clearly the empowered truth of how amazing you are or provide the encouragement you so desperately crave to pursue your dreams.  

What keeps us going thru all of this?  The deep desire to be of service.  It's a calling on our heart.  It's that amazing feeling when we get out of our own way and have a transformational experience of love beyond logic and rational reasoning.  

It's the feeling during a psychic session, connecting soul to soul and the information just flows and the words come effortlessly.  The inspiration that is shared brings goose bumps and the person you're sitting with is moved to tears because of the deep resonance with their truth.  

It's the mediumship session where the connection with your Loved One is strong and crystal clear.  Their presence is so deeply felt that the air is electric with the memories, stories and evidence of their connection.  The love that so clearly bridges the perceived distance between the physical and nonphysical worlds brings healing, compassion and peace.  It is life changing.  

There is a knowing that we've just scratched the surface of limitless possibilities.

The bigger picture is, it's not about us.  It's about Love beyond measure.

This is what keeps us going. 

This is an invitation to service.  

This is my calling.


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I love what I do!!

This is why I love what I do!!! I have the honor of connecting with Spirit to remind you "Beautiful Souls" that you are more than enough. To shine a light on all that makes you extraordinary and remind you that you have the power to alter the very fabric of your life. To see you light up with new hope, a renewed sense of awe and walk out the door feeling empowered. Now that's why I wake up every morning!! =D

Reminder: You are enough (more than).

You are amazing!! The very fact that you exist, means that you are more than enough. There are no accidents in this beautiful universe of ours. It is your duty to celebrate and share all that makes you who you are. Show us all of your wonderful, quirky, weird, awesome-tastic, juicy, bodacious SELF.

We're waiting with bated breath.  <3




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Liberation - Breaking free from a negative attachment


Liberation - Breaking free from a negative attachment 

This card invites you to take inventory of your life and ask what currently uplifts you and what drains you.  By opening your hands and heart and releasing activities, and connections that drain you, you create space for more of what enlivens.

Fill your life with more of what makes you feel vibrantly alive.

Relax - Release - Renew 

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Pendragon Sword - Balanced Power

pendragon sword.jpg


Pendragon Sword - Balanced Power

You may have felt torn between heart and head lately. Know that true power lies in a balance of both. Invite you're intellect and heart to work in concert. Allow your heart to soften the sharp edges of your analytical thinking. When you do this, you are able to share what you "Know" from a kinder, gentler space and those around you are actually able and eager to receive what you're sharing.

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Crimson Angel - Healing



Todays card - Crimson Angel ~ Healing

It's no surprise to me that this card has visited my readings many times over the last week. She comes to us in answer to our hearts feeling of hurt and longing for peace. A craving for feeling empowered in face of what, on the surface, seems out of our sphere of control.

Our strength lies in the simplicity of gifting ourselves quiet space to reconnect with our deepest truths. Not only remembering our connection to the Divine, but remembering we are the very essence of the Divine and allowing our hearts to stay soft when everything around us seems so hard.

Reach out to each other offering kindness and sharing gratitude for all of the blessings in your life. This will open space for Love to flow freely.

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