Psychic Mediumship & Massage

Psychic / Mediumship Reading

A psychic / mediumship session is a combination reading with the intent of connecting to provide guidance. Every session is its own journey and serves to bring greater levels of insight, inner peace and direction.

These sessions promote feelings of reconnection and empowerment and assist in clarifying the changes you wish to bring about.

30 Minutes ~ $120

1 Hour ~ $225

Readings available in person, by phone or Skype.

To schedule your reading, please phone or text

(470) 215-3885

Intuitive Consulting

Intuitive consulting helps provide clarity and direction in achieving your goals or gaining insight whether business or personal. It’s a wonderful way to bring awareness and movement to any feelings of stagnation. Free flowing energy is a sign of health and success. By taking an intuitive look at how the energy is or isn’t flowing as well as understanding any self sabotaging behaviors or mindset shifts needed, we are able to get a snapshot of the highest and best direction for you. This service can be a single session or a series of sessions.

Intuitive consulting is also wonderful for studios, movie creators, authors and other artists who are looking for insight into the psychic/mediumistic and Supernatural worlds. I’m available to travel to your location or consult from a distance.

Intuitive consulting and coaching is the secret to some of the most successful businesses and individuals in our world today.

This service is highly specialized so please reach out for a consult and pricing.

Consultation available in person, by phone or Skype.

To schedule our initial conversation, please phone or text

(470) 215-3885


I'm currently taking a break from Massage

Please come back for updates on when I will be scheduling massage appointments again.

Sacred Massage

A combination of slow, non-invasive movements designed to quiet the mind and induce a deep level of relaxation. By adding heated stones, bamboo rods and essential oils, this becomes a customized experience.

The focus of this therapy is to provide relief from tension, increase circulation, renew a sense of balance and promote healing for the mind, body and soul.

30 Minutes ~ $55

60 Minutes ~ $85

90 Minutes ~ $115

2 Hours ~ $145

I will let you know when I’m offering massage once again.

Now Available

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